About us

About us



A fully integrated tourism landmark where great choices await at every turn for any vacation, weekend or occasion. Shark's Bay Oasis is a beautiful residential resort by the red sea.


There is a time where a family simply needs to get together. Consider Shark's Bay Oasis your ideal destination due to the great memories each of your family members will bring back.


Your senses come to life as you take in nature’s beauty.

Once you begin to embrace nature, you are captivated by the equisite simplicity sur- rounding you. Welcome to Shark’s Bay Oasis. As you step through our doors, you are instantly comforted by the style and serenity that engulfs you.

Luxury in space and greenery are the basis of our planning; giving your residence the refined el-egance, comfort and re-laxation they deserve.

FACILITIES Within your reach

Lay back, relax and let go all the stress off of your mind. Be assured that at Shark's Bay Oasis you will feel a sense of belonging from your first day in. Shark's Bay offers different facilities including beach restaurants, diving facilities and beauty SPA.


Shark's Bay is one of the few places in the area with a 'walk-in' sea and abundant corals. A self-contained heaven of beauty and tranquility on the shore of the Red Seas with the taste od old Sinai. Beach volley, racket, football, sea travels, diving and snor-kling, are all available beach facilities that ensure an entertaining stay on our soft sands under the sun shine.


Enjoy swimming in our very different mood pools with your family under the shin-ing sun all day. We offer 4 swimming pools on the different levels of the resort, some of which directly view the sea.



Our guest apartments are noth-ing short of cozy, comfortable and fully equipped with modern facilities and amenities. Shark’s Bay Oasis is the ideal place for an elite unforgettable stay.



Enjoy meditation and relaxing by the pools and gardens during the night time.

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